28 March 2011

Featured Artist - Peter Harren

Taking a look at Peter Harren's shop, Peter's Garden, you will see an artist with a distinct drawing personality. You will find many types of drawings, from rough sketches to fully finished and coloured drawings. They are all fairly simplistic, which is why I like them so much.

Here is a bit about Peter from Peter:

The reason I'm on Etsy is because art finally became fun for me just a couple years ago. I've been making things my whole life, but it used to be a struggle filled activity. I used it as a measuring stick, "How good am I?", and all that stuff that makes you suffer. But then after art school I gave up trying to be good and gave myself as much freedom as I could. I did lots of abstract stuff and slowly built from there. Cartoons seem to be a natural way for me to play. Friends and family liked my stuff so I got the courage to put it on a blog, then on etsy, and before I knew it I was getting contacted for illustration jobs. It was totally unexpected. I'm working on a long term one right now. I'm also making a nice little site for a comic strip that has given me lots of pleasure. I also have plans to make a portfolio site. It will be a while before they're up. I have a lot to learn, but it's fun and it's another thing to learn. My goal is to keep this working from home thing going forever.  So far it's all working out, I just have to stick to the 'keep making things and keep having fun' philosophy.

I just love how Peter has learned to let go of how "good" he is - that's something I definitely struggle with when it comes to my drawings, which is probably why I don't draw much anymore. I really admire him for his gumption to draw what he likes and what pleases him.

Here are my favourites from Peter's shop:

Beautiful Gal

Who Loved Art Class

Time to Fly

Caught Red Handed. Dogs and Pianos.

Take a look at Peter's shop, and you might see what I see - freedom and distinct style. I think my favourite is the "Who Loved Art Class" drawing - I may have to purchase that one.


  1. Greta art. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Wow these are awesome! What a cool artist Peter is. I love the girl, and the doggy playing the piano!


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