04 April 2011

Featured Artist - creativecorksnmore

I saw this picture on the front page of etsy the other morning, under the "You Might Like" section, and I was instantly intrigued. When I looked at their shop, I discovered that everything they make is made with corks! SO awesome!

Hailing from Oregon, Tanita and Devon are really passionate about re-using items that would normally be garbage. I know that I wouldn't be keeping any leftover wine bottle corks!

Here are some words from our featured artists:

Creative Corks N’ More is just a vehicle for us, it only gives us the opportunity to join the green crafting movement and make a difference. We do this to show others how to repurpose for a purpose. You can use less, reuse more, and have fun with garbage. After all, garbage has feelings, too!

We are from Eugene, OR where the green movement is taken very seriously. I would have to say that is where the spark that lit our green crafting fire came from. When you see what can be done with recycled items, and how it can better both parties it is truly something exciting. We are asked so often; “why corks?” and the answer is simple and consists of two answers, really. First, corks are not only an image that states recycled, but they are very easy and simple to work with. Second, when you look at a cork the possibilities are literally endless, unlike general crafting medias.

However, we are not limited to corks by any means. The “N’ More” of Creative Corks gives us the opportunity to work with other items as well. We have recently branched into wine bottles, ceramic, decoupage, and more. Our goal is to have that something for everyone, and spread the philosophy we’ve adopted.

When asked what our philosophy is when it comes to recycling our intent is not simply to recycle materials, but to demonstrate the value of our stories and how much we can recover from them. Both literally and figuratively, we achieve this goal. There is a purpose for everything and the inspiration to create comes from absolutely anything.

I love how their store is not only a way to sell their creations, but it's also a way to open people's eyes about the green movement. Who knows; it may bring someone to be creative with some of their garbage! I'm not that creative myself, so that someone probably won't be me, but you never know, right?

You can join their page on facebook and take a look at more of their items at Handmade Spark.

Here are some of my favourites:

a serving tray


a new angle on the cork and white dry erase board!

I love the ingenuity and creativeness (is that a word?) of their products! I personally want to get the magnets, but I don't really need them, I just want them. They are so unique, and then I would have all matching magnets! (I like to match.)

Take a look at Creative Corks N More's shop, and I'm sure that you will be amazed at their creativity and the beautiful way they are able to re-purpose corks!

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