11 June 2012

Featured Artist :: Julie Ellyn Design

Everything in Julie's shop I love... EVERYTHING!!! When it comes to jewellery, I find it very difficult for me to say that, since my style and taste is so limited, since I am just learning how to wear and feel comfortable in jewellery. But I love everything in this shop. It's definitely worth a look! ... and a second look... and a third look...

AND... Julie's got a clearance section!!! BONUS!!

I got these little cuties a few month's back, and they really have become a staple in my ears! I just love them! They are beautiful, not overwhelming, and classy, which makes them perfect for me.

Trees Hide


  1. I love♥ everything that Julie makes! I have bought 4 of her wrap bracelets. Julie's work is beautiful, and the quality is excellent!

    1. I have been wanting to purchase one of her wrap bracelets - they are GORGEOUS!!! -Shirley


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