19 October 2012

Isabel now has bangs.

As you can tell, she doesn't quite look like herself anymore. But I will have to get used to it. I was just tired of her hair getting stuck in her runny nose (tmi?) It was just gross! Jeff didn't want me to, here's how our conversation went:

Shirley: I think I'm going to cut Isabel some bangs tonight. I'm sick of seeing her snotty hair.
Jeff: But I don't want her to have bangs; she looks great without them.
Shirley: I know, Jeff, but her hair is snotty.
Jeff: But I don't want her to have bangs!
Shirley: Her hair will grow out, Jeff. Besides, you won't have to worry about her snotty hair!
Jeff: She's not getting bangs. I'm putting my foot down.
Shirley: Your foot has no say in the matter. I'm doing it tonight after her bath.

And believe me, putting her hair up with barrettes, hair elastics, or clips would not work, no matter how pretty they were, or even if Isabel picked out the colour herself. She still pulled it out 5 minutes later. So NO MORE!

Her hair will grow out...

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  1. She's cute--bangs or not! I'm sure she's probably a lot more comfortable now.

    1. Yeah, it's much more noticable; she doesn't have to peer through her hair to see people anymore!

  2. That is such a great picture of Isabel..... I do like her with the bangs...she seems more mature......and yes it keeps it out of her eyes....and the snot from getting involved :-( Shirley, you and Jeff are great parents.....the kids are maturing nicely! And I am sure you will deal with any (if any) problems with Alexander.

    1. Thanks, gramma. It's nice to know that someone thinks we're doing okay! lol :)


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