24 October 2012

October Sponsor Love

This month's sponsors are totally awesome! They are a group of such friendly, funny, caring women.

What is your favourite item on Etsy right now? That is SO difficult!! I love all of the antiques but I absolutely love artist Mark Hudak. His pottery is amazing so I had to pick this container that is just begging for my spoons to be inside!! 

What is your 'cold weather' drink? I love hot tea when the weather turns cold! I’m a coffee fan too!


What is your favourite item on Etsy right now? Currently I am in love with this item from Three Trees Bindery. It is the neatest double sided journal, and so beautifully crafted.

What is your 'cold weather' drink? And as far as cold weather drinks go, well, I live where it never really gets very cold! But I do enjoy my hot tea. Current fav is called Organic Mint Melange.


What is your favourite item on Etsy right now? It is very difficult to pick one specific thing that I can say that I like more than anything else here on Etsy. There are so many, I can't really pick. But I find this funny and it takes your mind away from reality for a bit in a playful way. :)

What is your 'cold weather' drink? A hot cup of Earl Grey tea with a slice of lemon in it, is the perfect drink for me :)


What is your favourite item on Etsy right now? This cat cave.

What is your 'cold weather' drink? Trader Joe's Spiced cider!


What is your favourite item on Etsy right now? I love this little art print.

What is your 'cold weather' drink? My absolute favourite cold weather drink is hot chocolate, and I especially love when I can get my hands on some white hot chocolate. Delicious!

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  1. Yay for meeting new people! I'll have to go check them out now! Thanks! ;-)


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